‘How to’ gardening artilces for gardeners

To lawn or not to lawn

September is the time to think about a new lawn, renovating an existing one or doing spot repairs on worn out goalmouths. But could you go without? A lawn might be child friendly, somewhere soft to bathe in the sun and design-wise necessary ‘neutral space’ but you can’t use it all year round and [...]

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Top-Ten Ways to Create a Natural Garden

Natural gardening: It’s not about growing weeds. And it’s not just about ‘going organic’ either. Rather, natural gardening can be simply expressed as gardening and garden making in tune with nature. Gardens billowing with naturalistic ‘new-perennial’ prairie-like planting – the key landscape design trend in the last 20 years – might spring to mind [...]

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Gravel Garden Design

The Crunch Factor Made popular by the late Beth Chatto in particular, growing in gravel is cheap, and perfect for gardeners struggling with poor, dry soil. Once plants are established it’s a low maintenance design solution too. A sunny spot and free draining sandy or gravelly soil are important. This means Mediterranean and coastal [...]

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