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Raise your game! How to create raised beds

For superior home-grown veg simple wooden raised beds are well worth considering. They’re good for drainage and easier to access for those with mobility concerns. Importantly, raised beds minimise problems associated with soil compaction as you needn’t walk over the soil. Plus, filled with fresh compost it’s possible to grow tasty crops with success, no [...]

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Work Out: Things to consider when installing an Office or Studio in the Garden

Recent events have meant many of us are revisiting how and where we work. If you’re thinking of working at home longer term, here’s a little help. On sunny days a parasol, sturdy table and comfortable chair make a delightful impromptu workstation. But, for year-round use you’ll need something more permanent. First port of call [...]

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Childs Play: 12 simples tips for gardening with kids

Here are 12 simple tips and projects to help grow the next generation of green fingers (and hopefully relieve any boredom!) 1. Go speedy! Little children (and big kids alike) are impatient so grow quick crops to keep them interested. Radish, baby lettuce, calendula and forget-me-nots germinate in days and should crop or flower in [...]

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Making compost – Some help for your heap!

Here’s our do’s and don’ts to making quality compost. It’s good for the environment, great for your garden, plus you can save a fortune on the bagged stuff. Do... add veggie peelings, rotten fruit, tea, coffee grounds, grass, spent bedding plants, pruning’s, sawdust, eggshells, wood ash (a little at a time), hair, shredded newspaper and [...]

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How to grow your own fruit, veg & herbs in small spaces

For spring and summer this year, we’ll be regularly posting tips and advice on everything from grow your own to garden projects that will occupy youngsters. In these unprecedented and stressful times, hopefully it helps in some small way. Whilst local nurseries and garden centres need our support, it’s possible to buy everything you need [...]

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Pruning Roses – A Thorny Issue

Pruning roses is a prickly subject for some but it’s not that tricky, as long as you identify which particular species you’ve got, as this is the key.  Pruning should take place over the coming weeks but in northern or colder spots wait until the beginning of March. First, there are five golden rules: Sharp, [...]

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Snow Business!

Spring’s just around the corner – the snowdrops are about to bloom. There are many different varieties of these beautiful little flowers available. Some varieties are so rare they can go for £50 pounds a bulb! Snowdrop fanciers - or galanthophiles as they’re known - will hate us for saying so, but we’re not that [...]

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Garden Design Talk at The Poly, Falmouth

Thanks so much to everyone who came to Matt's garden design talk on How to Plant a Garden at The Poly in Falmouth last Thursday evening. We have received some great feedback at the event with many saying they have been inspired to plan and redesign their own gardens. All the copies of Matt's [...]

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