• Stage 1:

    Initial Consultation (preliminary services)

    We look at your space and discuss your wants, needs, and preferences, as well as your budget. The resulting discussion forms a key part of the design brief, which is developed through discussion and agreed before any design work commences. Services provided and fees will be confirmed in writing prior to commencing work.

  • Stage 2:

    Site analysis & survey

    Once you wish to proceed the site will be measured in detail and analysed in terms of its existing features and unique characteristics. For complicated sites and larger projects we will instruct professional landscape surveyors to complete a measured, topographical survey so that site characteristics are recorded as accurately as possible. For smaller sites we typically complete the survey ourselves.

  • Stage 3:

    Outline proposals & strategies

    Before producing the final plan and visualisations we will discuss emerging ideas and typically produce a black and white 3D digital model for discussion. This allows us to place you in the garden or landscape proposal and view it in much the same way as you would in the real world. Importantly this model helps to speed up the design process too.

  • Stage 4:

    Presentation of masterplan & associated drawings

    A scale masterplan is a key outcome of the design process. This package sets out the layout, proportions, main structural features, heights and levels together with the areas to be planted.

    At this stage estimated costs particular to the proposal will be specified, with your budget in mind.

  • Stage 5:

    Detailed proposal: Construction & planting

    Once the scheme has been approved, we develop design details and produce detailed construction drawings and planting plans where necessary to help see the project onto the ground.

    If you wish we can identify experienced contractors and produce the necessary documentation to enable them to quote to complete the work. With smaller projects we commonly implement and oversee the creation of the design idea ourselves, using reliable tradespersons and craftspeople we have worked with before.

    We typically source the plants and carry out the planting ourselves. For larger projects we will oversee the planting and work with contractors to ensure the planting is completed as specified.

  • If we are not undertaking the construction work in-house we will liaise with relevant contractors on your behalf making regular site visits during the construction phase to ensure that works are completed on schedule and as specified.

    For smaller projects work can be completed in-house drawing upon reliable tradespersons and craftspeople we have worked alongside where necessary.

    We will oversee and implement the agreed proposal and organise the build and planting to an agreed schedule.

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